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About Train With Mike

Train with Mike Snapshot:

- 14 Seasons as a competitive soccer coach

- 4+ years as a private 1 on 1 soccer coach

- 3 seasons as a high school wrestling coach

- Certified Personal Trainer, ISSA
- Sports Management, Columbus State CC

In Progress:

- Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach (ISSA)

- Certified Nutrition Coach (NCI)

Train With Mike was founded by me, Coach Mike Crosky. I have an extensive background in soccer and fitness, as both have been pillars of my life since adolescence. As a former athlete and current coach, I feel at my best when I am training and coaching people. I have spent a lifetime in the gym and coached high school athletes in both soccer and wrestling. Throughout my life, I have coached all kinds of individuals, helping them attain their goals in the gym, on the soccer fields, and on the wrestling mats. 

What is Train With Mike?
TWM is a dual training platform founded by Coach Mike Crosky. The first platform is a personal fitness component, which is 1-on-1 personal fitness training structured for individuals of all ages and body types. With the goal being to assist, educate, and motivate clients to reach their fitness goals and most optimal health levels.

The second component is 1-on-1 soccer coaching, where I conduct 60-minute private coaching sessions, working one-on-one with young aspiring soccer players. I focus on the players' specific abilities, enhancing their current strengths, and improving their weaknesses. I also teach players how to break down game film, evaluate and scout themselves, and view soccer with a student-of-the-game mentality.


Health & fitness have been integral in my life since I was old enough to know how to bench press. As a young boy and into my adolescent years, Arnold Schwarzenegger was (and continues to be) someone I greatly admire. His physicality, physique, and never-yielding desire to succeed influenced me in and out of the gym.

As a young athlete, predominantly as a soccer player and wrestler, I made sure to make my strength and conditioning a top priority. As I transitioned into coaching, this ideal continued with my athletes. Whether it was on the wrestling mat or on the soccer field. 

Given my enthusiasm for fitness and a lifetime of education on the topic, it led me to train friends and family members. In an effort to further my learning and gain credibility within the industry, I earned a personal trainer certification from the highly acclaimed International Sports Science Association (ISSA). Over the years, I have trained everyone from youth athletes to retirees, the elderly, and every demographic in between.  

Why should this mean anything to you?

Because the insight and education I have garnered will be the catalyst in aiding you in reaching your fitness goals. ​Ultimately, I will give you the tools to be healthy and happy for the long haul, not just when training with me. 


Having played, coached, and scouted soccer in a variety of capacities over the last 25 years, I bring a deep passion for the sport.

I have coached boys and girls at the high school, youth club, and college club levels in Ohio, Oregon, Colorado, and Idaho. I am currently serving as Head Coach for the Hilliard Bradley High School Boys Soccer Team. 

While soccer is truly a team sport, it is critical that each individual player be as stout and well-rounded within their own game as possible. A strong team is one in which each of the 18 players is capable and sound in all facets of the game. The majority of young players find themselves only training within the structured atmosphere at organized team sessions. Training 1-on-1 will put the attention and onus on the player alone, which will lead to enhanced development. 

I was formerly a college scout for the National Scouting Report, I managed and advocated for soccer players throughout the recruiting process. In this role, I evaluated top-level high school players at college showcases across the country and then managed selected athletes through the college recruiting process. I assisted players in committing to play soccer at colleges and universities from coast to coast and all levels of play. Prior to that, I assisted in writing scouting reports for multiple Major League Soccer teams. This scouting background allows me to deeply dissect my individual players so I can hone in on the areas of their game that need the most emphasis. 

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