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Why Train With Mike?

Sometimes we need an extra push to get moving. Perhaps consider working out with a personal trainer like me! Why? Research shows that social support will boost your workout frequency and productivity. Simply speaking, partnering with someone who can help you to stay active leads to bigger, better, and longer lasting results.

Starting exercise is the easy part. It’s keeping on an exercise routine that can be difficult. Internal motivation comes and goes with everything, and that includes when it comes to exercise and activity. One of the predictors of success in terms of persistent exercise is the support of other people to push you in those times of low motivation.

You need a few more reasons why training with Mike would be good idea? Well, here goes…

Commitment to Others

How often do you find it difficult to stick with a program or habit? Research has found that more than 50 percent of people who start exercising as a New Year’s resolution end up quitting by summer. However, if you have a personal trainer by your side to keep you focused, the likelihood of adherence is exceedingly superior. A trainer will hold you accountable and help you overcome all the excuses you might use to avoid your commitment to yourself. Studies show that working out with a trainer, even in a virtual setting, pushes people to keep at it longer than they would on their own.

Boredom Shmoredom

Exercise ruts happen to the best of us. When you are busy with extra-curriculars in life, it becomes easy to fall back on what we know and are comfortable with. Whether that is not working out at all, doing the same few exercises, or simply going through the motions, all of that can lead to boredom and lack of adherence. A personal trainer will help keep the fun quotient high and the monotony low.

Take the Planning Out

You already plan meetings for work, plan dinner for the family, plan the next social gathering. The last thing you want to do is plan a 12-week workout plan, right?! Well, luckily for you, a personal trainer takes the planning out of your hands. Of course, your input and thoughts are part of the planning process, but ultimately the plan is put into place by me. Just come to the session ready to work and improve yourself. Minimal planning on your part leads us to our next bullet point…

Lower Stressors

Partnering with me may also help alleviate stress. How, you ask? Simple, exercise provides stress relief, pumps your body with feel-good endorphins, and improves your mood. Less stress equals better sleep, more control of your weight, you get sick less often, and feel better quicker in times that you do get sick. And Lord knows we need that more than ever.

Push It

You are bound to push yourself when training with a personal trainer. In a study published in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology, researchers reviewed data from high school athletes and found that inferior athletes made greater gains compared with the top ones when everyone had to perform as part of a team. Researchers confirmed that the “Kohler Effect”, which is a psychological theory that says motivation increases among individuals working in groups in comparison with individuals working alone, was true. This effect has also been seen in adults doing strength exercises; study participants worked harder when working out with a partner or trainer than they did when on their own.

Quite frankly, I can tell you from firsthand experience as a coach and also as a trainee, this is 100% true. I take a lot of pride in pushing myself each workout, and I workout solo much more often than not. And I will tell you unequivocally that I get that extra little boost when I have a training partner. No doubt about it. And you will too!

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