Arnold's Place

Welcome to Page 2 of your "Arnold's Place" Tour! As previously mentioned, this gym was inspired by the bodybuilding career of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The 1000 square foot facility is in southwest Columbus and has anything and everything any person on any stage of their fitness journey can utilize to successfully achieve their fitness goals. Check it out... 


Plate Loaded Seated Back Row

Improve your posture, core strength, and develop a strong back with the Arnold's Place plate-loaded seated row machine. This machine is constructed to develop a strong thick middle back and strengthen your lats and delts. 

Preacher Curl Station

The preacher curl station will drastically improve your curling form, reduce elbow stress, and target your biceps. You can use dumbbells, barbells, and EZ Curl Bars to isolate your biceps. 



The "kneeovertoeguy" has become a bit of a phenomenon over the last year or so, and he isn't wrong with his insistence on balanced training with sled work to fully prepare your legs and body. The sled work we do at Arnold's Place will get your legs fired up!  

Dumbbells / Kettlebells and More

Adjustable dumbbells (up to 72 lbs) and a kettlebell (up to 40 lbs), along with a 50 lb kettlebell. 

In addition, you see a sissy squat/back extension apparatus. And a "Tower of Power" where we can do proper push-ups, dips, pull-ups, and roman chair for core work.