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My fitness journey began as a mere 9-year-old. As a young athlete, innately I looked up to pro athletes of the day and their physical abilities. I wanted to emulate them, so it only made sense to train my body accordingly. Obviously, at that age, I had no idea how to train but the passion and desire for fitness that I have today stem back to that time period.

Fast forward to today... As a coach, my programming philosophy is all about the client and their needs. I want them to feel seen, heard, and respected. My sessions are a mix of playful and sternly focused. I am direct yet kind. I enjoy laughing with my clients while also providing them with a comprehensive exercise experience. The old cliche of "Work hard, play hard" can certainly be used to sum up my sessions. No matter your age, background or objectives, I am excited to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.


What areas within the fitness spectrum can I assist you?

- Strength & Conditioning 

- Weight Loss

- Nutrition

- Body Composition Enhancement

- Cardiovascular Improvement

- Injury Prevention

How do we get started?

Contact me via e-mail or call or text:

Together, we will assess where you are today in your health and fitness journey and where you want to be in the future. From there, we will put together a plan of how you will get there. I can come to you and workout at your facility. You can come to my personal 1,000 sq ft fitness facility. Or you can train with me at Life Time Fitness. Not in Central Ohio? I can design your plans online from afar too. Ultimately, this is your trip, so while I will steer the ship, you will be the navigator of this health and fitness endeavor. 

Train With Mike: Fitness

What Train With Mike Can Do For You?

The benefits that personal training can bring to you are endless. Here are a variety of reasons why Train With Mike is one of the best investments you'll make in your overall health. Drum roll, please…  



The biggest inhibitor to individuals reaching their fitness goals is difficulty sticking to it. Mike will hold you accountable and help you overcome any excuses you may provide yourself. Mike will be sure to assist you in keeping your commitment to your health and fitness goals.


Stay Stimulated

Most of us kick it up a notch in the presence of others. Having Mike by your side can provide the encouragement, energy, and stimulation you need to jumpstart your routine. He will also help you set goals, create a plan to accomplish them, and celebrate when you reach them.


No Planning Needed

Fitness can be confusing. There is a lot of information and misinformation to sort through. Do I do cardio before or after strength training? What do I eat? Should I take supplements? Mike will provide you with insight and direction on your fitness journey, which will remove the guesswork, allowing you to put all of your energy toward accomplishing your goals. No need to worry about structuring a plan. Your plan for success will be designed for you. 



Working with Mike allows you to become confident with how to perform exercises safely and effectively. If you are new to exercise or find that some movements are painful, you can be certain that you are moving in a safe and effective manner.


Individual Attention

When it comes to fitness, no two people are the exact same. Your body mechanics, experience, goals, fitness level, likes, and dislikes are different from anyone else. Mike will help create a plan that is specific to you. When a program is customized to you and your goals, success and long-term adherence are bound to follow.


Sport-specific Training

Do you want to run your first 5K or prepare for a hiking trip? Are you a weekend warrior looking to re-live the athletic glory days of yesteryear? Are you a young aspiring athlete looking for an advantage? Mike will design a program specific to your sport, to improve performance and keep you off the injured list.


Age with Ease

Our bodies change as we age. I mean, we all aren’t 25 anymore. Perhaps the exercises you used to do are no longer working with your body, or maybe you’ve stopped seeing results. Mike can help you adjust or adapt your program, which will allow you to maintain functionality and strength as we gain a couple of wrinkles and gray hairs.


Exercise and activity shouldn't be a drag, right?! When programmed correctly, exercise is very enjoyable in and of itself. Group or buddy training can be a great way to increase enjoyment, make exercise social and keep yourself accountable. Mike makes training fun and enjoyable.   

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