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Arnold's Place

Welcome to "Arnold's Place" which was inspired by the bodybuilding career of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The 1000 square foot facility is in southwest Columbus and has anything and everything any person on any stage of their fitness journey can utilize to successfully achieve their fitness goals. Check out all 3 pages of the Arnold's Place tour... 1, 2, 3 


Squat Rack with Safety Bar

The Safety Squat Bar is a specialty training Olympic barbell outfitted with a built-in padded harness to reduce unnecessary strain on your shoulders, minimizing the pain and discomfort of traditional barbell squats will have on your shoulders. The bend of the bars helps to stabilize your center of gravity while the handgrips provide more control of the bar during the lift. 

The power rack has a 1000 lb. rating with 2-inch Heavy Gauge square tube. And it has 1000 lb. rated J-Hooks for heavy-duty squat capacity so you can put up personal records on your squat.  


Bench Press Power Rack

Get your bench press on with the power rack and max weight capacity barbell, which supports upwards of 805 lbs. The pull-up bar on the power rack is angled for both wide and narrow grip pull-ups to help you build the back you've always wanted. 


Cardio Equipment

The cardio equipment area has 4 distinctly different apparatuses for your enjoyment. From the standard walking/running treadmill to an elliptical machine, an assault bike, and a row machine. Mix up your cardio with any of these machines to keep your cardio plan from going stale. 

FTX Functional Trainer

The FTX functional trainer is the centerpiece of Arnold's Place. This beautiful piece of equipment gives you the ability to perform a variety of pulley weight-based movements. Varied angled cable crossover, utilization of a tricep rope, D-handles, a chin/dip belt and a curl bar. 

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