You can see my coaching bio and history on this site, but don't just take my word for it. Down below you can see comments directly from players I have coached and their families. 

  • “My daughter Tannyr grew leaps and bounds from Coach Mike's private soccer sessions. Her ball skills, speed, strength and agility increased at such a high rate that she was brought up from JV to varsity in the same season. My daughter had been playing competitive soccer since age 11 however, it only took a few sessions with coach Mike to hone her skills and bring her to a higher level.

    I was so impressed by her growth I asked Mike to train me in the gym and I too saw immediate changes in my body training 3x a week with Mike and it only took 4 weeks to see major differences. Although we live in different states now, the three of us bonded and created a lasting friendship as my daughter and I are honored to now consider coach Mike part of our family. Thank you, Mike, for always going above and beyond for your players and their family members.” - Sonja C. 

  • "We first met Coach Mike 2 years ago when our daughter joined the Liberty High School Girls JVB soccer team. During that time, we watched our daughter's confidence grow and her soccer skills improve tremendously. Mike is patient, kind, and fiercely competitive, a balance that is unique in a coach.  He knows how to bring out the best in his players and offers them a supportive, nurturing environment in which to learn and grow.  He teaches his players not only how to make decisions for themselves but also how to learn from their mistakes and celebrate their successes.

    Coach Mike’s instruction emphasizes the value of leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship, strong work ethic, perseverance, and goal setting. These are all valuable "life lessons" that have served our child well, both on and off the field. He is an excellent role model to all of the young girls on his team.  We highly recommend him!"  - Michelle H.

  • “Coach Mike went above and beyond to help my daughter improve her soccer skills. He attended her soccer games and watched her game tape. He really listened to our concerns and tailored her sessions around her needs. He always made himself available for questions and offered great feedback. We saw immediate improvements with our daughter and she really enjoyed her sessions. We would most definitely recommend Coach Mike to anyone!”  
    - Heather D.

  • "When searching for an effective soccer trainer for our oldest son, Coach Mike Crosky’s name was recommended. Upon meeting Coach Mike, we immediately felt confident in the techniques he employed.  He established high expectations from the start and through weekly sessions, Coach Mike continued to challenge our son to meet these expectations.  

    With each training session, our son was always pushed to perfect each skill and/or address weaknesses.  He specifically communicated the skills to be worked on, stating specific reasons a player should improve these skills, and the steps needed to master them.  Coach led our son through drills, while accepting no excuses for not attaining the end goal.  With the conclusion of each session, Coach reviewed the training skills worked on, as well as had our son self-assess his abilities from each session. 

    After our son’s first training session with Coach Mike, he immediately inquired when he would be able to continue training, despite a 1.5-hour drive. Our son not only improved his soccer skills, but he was excited to share the knowledge gained from these training sessions with his family and teammates.  Upon our son’s first school open-field, each coach commented on the improvement of his skill set & enthusiasm for the game. In addition, other player’s parents reached out to us to inquire about the improvement of his skills.

    Coach Mike clearly communicated expectations, set high standards, and challenged both of our boys to constructively critique one another. Outside of the summer training sessions, Coach Mike continued to invest in the coach/student relationship, as he repetitively reached out to inquire about our sons’ soccer seasons. Coach Mike exceeded our initial expectations as a soccer trainer, as well as challenged our sons to attain their highest potentials."
    – Jim & Debbie S.

  • "My son's training with Coach Mike was excellent. He's very knowledgeable and found some important improvement areas to work on. My son's left foot improved during the session and Mike gave us good drills to use at home.”
    - Raj

  • "Session was great! My son's first task was to review himself like a scouting report. Really made him think about his strengths and weaknesses. Proceeded right into drills and sent him home with “homework”. I can see an improvement after just one session. Looking forward to next session.” 
    - Aliess

  • ”When I did one on one training with Mike I felt that my skill level sky rocketed. I never realized how much the touches on the ball improve all pieces of play in soccer. Not only did my play improve, but my confidence in playing the game did as well. I felt much more comfortable with the ball because I knew the skill that I had.”
    -Jenna S.